Audit Assistance

Since Transfer Pricing was conceived in Mexican Income Tax Law, it has been changing to increasingly incorporate internationally accepted practices for preparing Transfer Pricing analyses. Additionally, the laws have been demanding new requirements to duly comply with the system. This means that in addition to having a Transfer Pricing study, taxpayers in Mexico have the obligation to file informative declarations and to show relevant information on the statutory tax report, among others.

At Legal Fiscal, we have a team of professionals with the necessary experience to provide businesses reassurance that they are fully complying with all the legal requirements. Among others, our Transfer Pricing compliance services include:

Preparing Transfer Pricing studies for international and domestic transactions between related parties (tangibles, intangibles, interests, services, etc.)
Transfer Pricing policy design and implementation
Review of studies prepared internally or by other specialists
We have alliances in other countries to ensure compliance with global provisions
Negotiation of specific resolutions (APAs Advanced Pricing Agreements)
Advisory and support for competent authority procedures foreseen in the treaties to avoid double taxation