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With respect to litigation, our services comprise the following:

Tax litigation:

Tax litigation includes preparing and managing means of defense with the tax authorities or with the competent courts.

Preparing means of defense:

We work on studying and analyzing the applicable legal provisions, as well as jurisprudences and court precedents to integrate and prepare the pertinent tests in order to define the best legal strategy to defend our clients’ interests.

Audit advisory and management:

For managing tax audits and audits on social fees, Legal Fiscal, S.C. grants you advisory during the inspection procedures by preparing written documents and analyzing the most adequate evidence to duly defend their clients’ interests in all the procedural phases related to tax and social security fee settlements, refund refusals, and acts pronounced by tax, customs, and social security authorities, among others.

The means of defense we refer to are as follows:

  1. Administrative claims (appeals requesting reversals, inconformity, etc.)
  2. Proceeding for annulment
  3. Proceeding for direct constitutional relief agains sentences issued by administrative courts
  4. Proceeding for indirect constitutional relief.

Note that Legal Fiscal, S.C. specializes in filing constitutional reliefs when a legislative, regulatory act or acts from the authorities cause our clients damage, whether related to tax , social security or customsissues, for the competent courts to declare certain laws, regulations or acts of the authority unconstitutional.