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  • Corporations

The General Corporate Law foresees a series of obligations for corporations to help keep daily business activities transparent for their partners and third parties. Among the advisory performed by our firm, we analyze changes in bylaws, capital, in addition to the granting of any general and special powers of attorney; that is, all the far-reaching changes in the lives of businesses that can bring benefits or cause damages while developing a corporationís social purposes.

The related legal services we offer include the following:

  • Incorporations of companies and subsidiaries, corporate restructuring, and analysis of mergers, splits and mercantile corporation purchases and sales
  • Preparation and annulment of special and general powers
  • Preparation and execution of agreements taken in ordinary or extraordinary board meetings
  • Preparation of board sessions and their formalization before a notary public
  • Support and coordination of processes related to notarial law.


    • Agreements

The Mexican economic system, where all businesses are involved, increasingly gives greater significance to formalizing commercial treaties by preparing agreements considered ideal for businesses to develop, whether with public or private instruments, thereby getting partiesí to comply with their obligations pursuant to the law, without reducing the counterpartiesí assets.

The related corporate legal services we offer are the preparation and review of the necessary agreements and covenants to develop a companyís social purpose; for example: buy and sell, leasing, mercantile commission, consignment, exchange, mutuum, confidentiality, exclusivity, representation agreements, etc. (both in English and Spanish).