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  TAX / Tax and Asset Planning and Consulting

In the last years, taxes have become more complex, both to understand and to apply in practice. The necessary knowledge is needed to manage and control them correctly and to comply with them.

Legal Fiscal has the tax specialists to help support you with your daily needs and tax planning.

Among other tax services, we offer the following:


Tax and Asset Planning and Consulting

Support in analyzing and preparing adequate tax planning based on the company and/or the groupís needs to make the tax load efficient and ensuring correct compliance with the tax obligations.

Participation in the preparation of tax opinions on certain provisions or on a specific subject, in addition to related telephone advisory, holding meetings, or by e-mail.

Asset advisory focused on correct compliance with the tax provisions for individuals and making their tax load more efficient, primarily on account of the revenues or income earned from foreign investments.

Together with the Legal Department, we analyze the different alternatives for successions from one family generation to another.